Axel T. Schulte

Department Head, Fraunhofer Institute of Applied Research

Dr Axel T. Schulte is a Department Head in the area of Enterprise Logistics at the Fraunhofer Institute. The applied research performed by him and his team of 20 full-time researchers represents the increasing demand for the stronger incorporation of digital technologies and solutions in managing todays global supply chains. The application of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are at the center of the current research. Additionally, the department is responsible for the transfer of terrestrial logistics solutions to the space sector. Dr Schulte joined Fraunhofer in 2013 after working for nearly 15 years in the Procurement and Supply Chain area. His professional activities during this time include various international assignments in Switzerland, Russia, and South America. He holds an engineering and a doctorate degree, both from the Technical University of Munich.


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