Humboldt Forum, Berlin, Germany
17 & 18 April 2024

a conference pioneering new approaches to peace

Hosted by the Berghof Foundation

In the current situation of alarmingly escalating conflict in different regions, the Berghof Foundation is preparing to host a high-level peace conference in Berlin next Spring.

Established peacemaking approaches and actors are facing apparent limits to their effectiveness. The Berlin Moot will bring together global experts from a variety of disciplines with practitioners from different mediation tracks to develop peacemaking tools that reflect the current complexity of war and conflict.

PeaceLabs to Advance Practice

The latest events unfolding in Gaza, the failed international intervention in Afghanistan, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the devastating recent conflict in Ethiopia underline the need for more effective infrastructures for peace. In addition to panels and talks, the conference will be comprised of six workshops, or “PeaceLabs”, which will offer the space to reflect on new approaches and entry points to tackle the multiple crises we are facing.

Together, we will delve into pressing questions such as: Can a human rights approach advance mediation? What’s at stake when peacemakers ignore climate change, e.g. in the Horn of Africa? How do actors in the Gulf approach peacemaking? How can insights from neuroscience enhance peace negotiations? Looking at recent developments in Mozambique, which cutting-edge technologies can best support the implementation of peace agreements? And, finally, what can the private sector bring to peacemaking in contexts like Yemen?

Further details will follow soon.

ABout the Berghof foundation
The Berghof Foundation is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation headquartered in Berlin. For more than 50 years, Berghof has worked around the world to bring people in conflict together. The organisation is very active at the moment in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Somalia, and Yemen, as well as several other places. Additionally, Berghof is involved in research, transitional justice, and peace education initiatives.
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