Barney Afako

Commissioner, UN Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan & former UN DPPA Senior Mediation Adviser

Barney Afako is a member of the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan. He has supported mediation efforts as a member of the United Nations Standby Team of Senior Mediation Advisers (2016-19 and 2021-23). He has worked on conflicts in Yemen, Afghanistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, among others, and advised on reconciliation efforts in the Western Balkans. He was a legal advisor in talks between Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army (2006-8), for the African Union Panel on Darfur (2009) and has supported the African Union High Level Implementation Panel on Sudan and the Horn of Africa since 2010. He was a contributor to the joint DPPA-OHCHR practice note entitled “Enhancing the quality and effectiveness of mediation efforts through human rights”.


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