Opening panel


On 17 April, watch the livestream of the opening panel from 10:00- 11:00 CEST.

Ukraine is in its third year of full-scale war, while Sudan experienced a renewed outbreak of conflict in 2023. Israel is fighting Hamas in Gaza in response to the October 7th attack. The escalation of armed conflicts around the globe is causing immense human suffering.

Various responses have emerged, including unprecedented weapon supplies by post-war Germany to Ukraine, backchannel talks with warring parties in Doha, and the UN Secretary General’s call for a New Agenda for Peace. Our distinguished panellists will discuss how to work towards peace given the current global dynamics. They will share insights into ongoing peacemaking initiatives and analyse their impact.

Join us at the opening panel of Berghof’s new flagship conference The Berlin Moot for an engaging discussion on how to “reshape peace” in a world characterised by multiple crises.



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