Fatima Al Ansar

Director, Tilwate Peace Network

Fatima Al Ansar is an international consultant and founder of Tilwalte Peace Network, a pro-sustainable peace organization that invests in peacebuilding and works to advance the peace and security agenda in Africa.

Originally from Timbuktu, Fatima is an engaged public leader, having received several national and international awards for her public service. Over the past 15 years, she has participated in many national and international conferences on peace, security, and the political situation in the Sahel, with a focus on the recent coup d’états and their implications “on democracy”.

Fatima was the first Malian to speak at Oxford Peace Talks. She further participated in the negotiations leading to the 2020 Transitional Charter for Mali and was one of the picked experts to write the Charter.

Furthermore, she has worked for the Centre of Strategic Studies at the Malian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was the youngest diplomat in Mali to work as the Head of Mission for the Mali Minister of Foreign Affairs. Fatima was formerly the Country Director for the Think Tank Timbuktu Institute and was involved in several research projects on current political and security developments in the Sahel that proposed innovative ideas for mediation and peacebuilding.


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