Shaheen AlSharif

Executive Director, Youth In Action - Sudan

Shaheen H. AlSharif is a Sudanese educator, co-founder and current director of the Youth Advocacy & Development NGO 'Youth In Action - Sudan' ( and previous coordinator for the Amarat Resistance Committee & Khartoum Resistance Committees between 2019-2021. He received recognition in National and international awards including the ‘Marianne Human Right Defenders Award’.

A young teacher and researcher that dedicated his career to promoting knowledge and the practice of democracy.

In 2019, he was active in the pro-democracy youth movement that spearheaded the Sudanese December Revolution. Serving as a coordinator at the state level, effectively coordinating and organizing activities and protests on the ground. Later he was locally elected as the municipality coordinator of the Khartoum Center District in 2020 following the establishment of a local governance law. Since he was part of many governmental efforts and programs, including workshops, conferences and research until the Oct 25th coupe.

He since worked in several humanitarian aid NGOs and INGOs such as Solidarites international, Vet-Care & PACT Consultancy specialising on community development projects.

The youth-led YASudan under Shaheen ElSharif went emerged as a major civilian actor on the ground through a network of community based groups, the worked to fill the gaps in aid delivery through leveraging the resilience and organisation of community based groups, assisting them in grappling with the collapse of civic infrastructure and the extreme militarization of public spaces.


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